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Spruce Essential Oil

Spruce Essential Oil

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Product Name: Spruce Essential Oil Botanical Name: Picea mariana Synonyms: Abies mariana, Picea brevifolia, Pinus nigra INCI Name: Picea mariana leaf oil CAS #: 8008-80-8 Country of Origin: Canada

CLASSIFICATION: Contents: α-pinene, germacrene D, β-pinene, β-caryophyllene, cadinene, limonene, β-ocimene, myrcene, terpinolene, α-cadinol, camphene


Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid. Odor: Characteristic fresh sweet woody odor. Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water. Specific Gravity: 0.90 – 0.915 @ 20°C Optical Rotation: -40.0 – -20.0 @ 20°C Refractive Index: 1.467 – 1.472 @ 20°C Extraction Method: Steam distillation of the leaves and twigs.
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