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Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

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Product Name: Bergamot Essential Oil Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia INCI Name: Citrus bergamia (bergamot) oil CAS #: 8007 – 75 – 8 County of Origin: China

This fresh smelling essential oil is a favorite in aromatherapy and is great for creating a more relaxed and happy feeling, relieving urinary tract infections, boosting the liver, spleen and stomach, while fighting oily skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, as well as cold sores.

It has a powerful effect on stimulating the liver, stomach and spleen and has a superb antiseptic effect on urinary tract infections and inflammations such as cystitis.

Burners and vaporizers In vapor therapy, bergamot oil can be used for depression, feeling fed-up, respiratory problems, colds and flu, PMS and SAD. Blended massage oil or in the bath It can be used in a blended massage oil, or diluted in a bath to assist with stress, tension, SAD, PMS, skin problems, compulsive eating, postnatal depression, colds and flu, anxiety, depression, feeling fed-up and anorexia nervosa. Blended in base cream As a constituent in a blended base cream bergamot oil can be used for wounds and cuts, psoriasis, oily skin, scabies, eczema, acne, cold sores as well as chicken pox.


Furocoumarin (as bergaptene) 0.2-0.5 % CAS# If used straight, it has severe phototoxicity To avoid phototoxicity use in dilutions of less than 1-2% .LD50: n/a Linalool 1 – 20% INECS# 201-134-4 CAS# 78-70-6 Limonene 30 – 60%


Appearance: Light yellowish green to yellowish brown liquid. Odor: Fragrant sweet-fruity odor. Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water. Boiling Point: > 35 °C Specific Gravity: 0.876 – 0.894 @ 15°C Optical Rotation: +8.0 - +24.0 @ 15°C Refractive Index: 1.459 – 1.490 @ 20°C Extraction Method: Cold-pressed from crude fruit peel. Ester Value: < 35% by G.C. Contents: Limonene, linalool, linalyl acetate
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