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Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Cedar Wood Essential Oil

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The cedarwood essential oil comes in an Amber bottle.

The Aroma is oily-woody, slightly sweet, mild and pleasant and somewhat balsamic.

A natural constituent, Cedrol, though virtually odorless will crystalize in aging oils. However, the Cedrol content is fairly low in Virginia Cedar Wood oil, but a prominent constituent, Cedrene, a sesquiterpene may slowly convert to Cedrol or Cedrenol during the aging of the oil.

It is used extensively in aromatherapy, soap making and the perfume industry. Mixed with Ceylon Citronella it can be used as a mosquito-repellent.

The dry woody character of the oil permits it to blend well with Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver, however it has been used in the industry as an adulterant for these same oils.

Furthermore, when properly applied it tends to act as a fixative.

Cedarwood has a pleasant woody, balsamic aroma that is long-lasting. It is produced by steam distillation of the wood. Cedarwood is a wonderful choice when coming home after a stressful day. On a physical level, cedarwood has traditionally been used to help stop hair loss. Use it with jojoba oil and massage scalp before bed and leave on through the night. Wash hair the next morning. Cedarwood is also thought to help with cellulite when applied topically. It is a great pulmonary antiseptic, having a drying action on mucous. Use it as a support oil to help ease respiratory infections, lung congestion and bronchitis via inhalation. Cedarwood can help with cystitis and can be applied topically (diluted) over the bladder area or added to a bath for a soak. It works well with acne and dandruff since it is an astringent oil.
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