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Pine Needle Essential Oil

Pine Needle Essential Oil

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Product Name: Pine Needle Oil Product code: CAS #: 30649 County of Origin: Bulgaria


Definition/Botanical Origin: By steam distillation of the needles of Pinus sylvestris H-No: 3301.29.6 CAS No: 8023-99-2 Status: natural

CoE No: FEMA: 2906 Additives: none

FDA: IFRA: see section 16 Application: Aromatherapy, skin care etc

RIFM: EC No: 281-679-2: EINECS-CAS No: 84012-35-1 INCI name: Pinus sylvestris Leaf Oil


Colour: Colourless to light yellow

Appearance: Clear mobile liquid

Odour: Aromatic, typical pine

Flash point °C: 36

Specific gravity @ 20°C: 0.860 – 0.890

Refractive index @ 20°C: 1.460 – 1.480 Optical rotation: -20º to -40º
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