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Orange 10X Essential Oil

Orange 10X Essential Oil

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Product Name: Orange 10X Essential Oil Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis L. Synonyms: Citrus aurantium var. sinensis; Citrus macracantha, Citrus sinensis x Poncirustrifoliata, Citrus aurantium L. var. sinensis L., Aurantium sinense (L.) Mill., Citrus aurantium L. subsp. sinensis (L.) P. Fourn., Citrus aurantium L., Citrus sinensis var. dulcis Procedure: Cold-pressed of the ripe orange peel INCI Name: Citrus sinensis dulcis (orange) peel oil Country of Origin: USA


Chemical Name CAS Number EINECS Number Proportions [%w/w] Orange Sweet Essential Oil 8008-57-9 232-433-8 100% Contents: d-limonene, α-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, linalool, d-careen, decanal, geranial


Appearance: pale yellow liquid Odor: Characteristic odor Refractive Index: 1.455 – 1.495 @ 20 °C Solubility: Soluble in ethyl alcohol, insoluble in water Specific Gravity: 0.8419 – 0.8455 @ 25 °C Flash Point: 46 °C [Closed Cup] Melting Point: Not Available Boiling Point: Not Available Vapor Pressure Not Available Vapor Density (air= 1): >1
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